Managing the Pumpkin Patch at St. Richards Episcopal Church was by far the most fulfilling month of my life. I was blown away by the enthusiasm of our team, and by the willingness of our volunteers to help, over and over again. We knew that God was watching over us as he added additional blessings of great friends at Pumpkins USA, perfect weather, large crowds, and a masterly crafted fall festival and story time. As we were about to close our patch on our last evening, I slipped into a terrible funk, as the adrenaline began to drain from my body. As I sat down in a dark corner of the patch and silently asked God, "What am I going to do now, Lord? My job is finished." He answered me a few weeks later when our Rev. Mary asked if I would do it again next year. There was nothing to decide."


St Richards Round Rock TXBrian Beals
St. Richards Episcopal Church (Round Rock, TX)

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