Alamo Heights United Methodist Church started our Pumpkin Patch in 1995. We dedicated all proceeds to build homes for Habitat for Humanity. Our homes for Habitat have been accomplished strictly from funds raised through our Pumpkin Patch.

We involved all of our church family. I knew from the beginning that this project was too big for just one area to be able to facilitate. In order for it to accomplish what we hoped it would, it was necessary for this to be a church wide family mission project. All of our church family participates, from our senior adults to our toddlers. There is a place for everyone! We have even written our own children's story about the pumpkins and why we do this project.

Because we are giving all the profits to Habitat, we have created an ongoing interest for our local media. We have had incredible coverage from our local television stations, radio, and newspapers. The highlight of our patch last year was being on the national broadcast of the "Today Show" doing the "What a difference today makes" spot. We have actively sought and continued to develop an ongoing interest in our "Pumpkin Partners for Habitat" ministry.

God has truly blessed this project since its inception and it is for his glory that it continues to grow, to bring our church family closer, to provide homes for habitat, and to further his kingdom on earth. I am so grateful to Richard and Janice Hamby for their continued dedication to this project. With a Grateful Orange Heart!!!"


2672 Georganne CatalaniGeorganne Catalani
Alamo Heights United Methodist Church (San Antonio, TX)

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