• Good Traffic Flow: Traffic flow is the key to success. Your patch needs to be on a main flow street for maximum exposure to the community. If your site lacks this quality, it is wise to consider partnering with another organization or finding a site that meets this criteria. We have successful sites that have been allowed to use city property, the lawns of private businesses or even member's front lawns.
  • Visibility from the Street: Even great traffic flow won’t help if your pumpkins cannot be seen from the street. Advertising your patch through fliers, signs and newspapers is good but the best advertising is the visual impact of a sea of orange. Don’t put your pumpkins behind the church or indoors.
  • Access to your Pumpkins: The Pumpkin Patch needs to be in a place that allows easy access for your customers. An entrance from the street and parking need to be available.
  • A Motivated Group of Volunteers: A project coordinator from your organization plans and coordinates the patch management. But this is not a solo project. You need a group of motivated and enthusiastic volunteers to share the responsibilities.


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Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers
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