Our Pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers produces a premium quality pumpkin for your fundraising needs. We grow 35 varieties of pumpkins in order to provide you with a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors for your patch.

Our farming location in the upland desert region of New Mexico is blessed with high elevation, dry air and limited insect population. These qualities combine to produce a superior product and consistent quantities that ensure inventory through the entirety of your pumpkin sale.

Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers also exercises sustainable agricultural practices. We implement crop rotation, varying crops from year to year to limit pest problems thereby reducing the need for insecticides. We use cover crops to prevent soil erosion & suppress weeds. This limits the need for the use of herbicides. We use soil-mapping technology, which enables us to use the optimal amount of seed and fertilizer. This allows us to maximize yields efficiently. All Pumpkin Patch products are non-GMO. These responsible agricultural practices mean that we provide a great product, which has less of an impact on the environment.

Our products are bulk loaded (loose, within the trailer). This produces a higher quality of product on delivery and eliminates the need for the necessity of a forklift for unloading.

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