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At Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers, we understand the challenges that non-profit organizations face when it comes to fundraising. That’s why we make it our goal to provide expert advice and guidance to every church, scout troop, and fraternal organization we work with. With our help, you can achieve your fundraising goals and make a real difference in your community. 

We’re excited to offer pumpkin patches for our non-profit partners. With our fundraiser, you can get ahead on your fundraising goals. Whether you’re looking to fund a new project, support a community initiative, or simply raise money for your organization’s general needs, we’re here to help. 

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Fundraising for the troop teaches the boys about how money is raised. It doesn’t just “grow on trees” and the value of fundraising.  As an Eagle Scout candidate in their scouting journey, they will be required to raise money for their Eagle project.  Having an understanding of how much work can be involved is a life skill learned through working the pumpkin patch.  The boys have fun while working to patch as well.
Richard Jensen
BSA Troop 985, Whittier CA
In our third year of selling pumpkins the Knights of Columbus, Council 5644 in Leesburg Florida raised over $4,000 selling pumpkins and we hope to do even better this year.  The Pumpkin Patch is our largest fundraiser of the year.  It provides a great opportunity to give back to the community as all of the proceeds are dispersed to various charities.   The event provides a great opportunity for the knights to meet and get to know one another while working to fulfill our mission of charity.  Many of our members found the experience to be both rewarding and enjoyable as we look forward to another successful year.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the people at pumpkinsUSA are great to work with and extremely helpful.
Allan Alber
Knights of Columbus #5644, Leesburg FL

Being our first year, we had no expectations for pumpkin sales, but we did have a vision. Our goal was not to have a commercial operation to sell pumpkins, but to have a pleasant family oriented experience, where people can come out and enjoy the setting, play some games, take some pictures, and buy some pumpkins. We hit a home run in that respect. It was a wonderful experience seeing kids running around playing, families coming out dressed for their fall pictures, people just enjoying a moment outside to get away from the busy world for a few minutes and perhaps commune with God.

Kathy Butler
North Little Rock United Methodist Church, N Little Rock AR


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