• No Risk: We send the pumpkins to you on consignment, no upfront costs, no product to pay for.
  • Guaranteed Profit: There is no other fundraiser that assumes all of the risk like we do. We keep a percentage of everything that you sell. You are not responsible for any unsold pumpkins. We absorb any loss due to spoilage, breakage or theft.
  • Community Outreach: This project provides an avenue for introducing your organization to the community. This is the perfect opportunity to let them know who you are and what you do.
  • Interaction within Your Organization: Provides an opportunity for your members to get to know each other while working together in the patch.
  • Longevity and Tradition: This is a project that becomes a tradition within the community. You may very well become the “Pumpkin Church” or the “Habitat Pumpkin Sale”. People will look forward to the arrival of the pumpkins and the fellowship the patch creates.
  • Fun: A well-organized patch is lots of fun and provides a festive atmosphere that draws people.
  • Once a Year: When you finish one fundraising project do you find yourself planning the next one? You’ve had the experience; the car washes, the bake sales, the rummage sales, the gift wrap. You feel like you’re always asking your organization’s family to buy something or give something to support your projects. Now you can just ask them to support you by volunteering at the patch.
  • Safety: Your group won’t be doing door to door sales. Your customers will come to you!
  • Support: We have many years of experience and extensive training materials to help guide toward having a successful patch.


  • Length of Sale: You must set up and staff your patch for at least two weeks up to and including October 31st.
  • Hours of Operation: You must have your patch open and staffed at least 8 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. Our recommendation is 11:30am-7:30pm. Sundays are very big sales days (our second largest), but we understand that some of our churches may have theological objections to selling on Sundays. If you choose to be open on Sundays, our recommendation is being open from after church services until dusk.
  • Caring for Your Pumpkins: We ask that you be diligent in caring for your pumpkins. They are a vegetable and to ensure the quality of the product you need to do some minimal maintenance.
  • Pricing: We establish the sales prices of the pumpkins. We ask that you not lower or discount our prices.
  • Reporting of Sales: In order to ensure that you have an adequate supply of pumpkins we ask that you report your sales to us on a daily basis.
  • Disposal of Leftover Pumpkins: You will not be charged for leftover pumpkins but you are responsible for the disposal of them. Our staff can help you with a list of potential disposal resources.
  • Payment to Us: Payment is due by November 15th. Remember, we are covering all of the up-front costs, please be diligent about payment in a timely manner.


  • Good Traffic Flow: Traffic flow is the key to success. Your patch needs to be on a main flow street for maximum exposure to the community. If your site lacks this quality, it is wise to consider partnering with another organization or finding a site that meets this criteria. We have successful sites that have been allowed to use city property, the lawns of private businesses or even member's front lawns.
  • Visibility from the Street: Even great traffic flow won’t help if your pumpkins cannot be seen from the street. Advertising your patch through fliers, signs and newspapers is good but the best advertising is the visual impact of a sea of orange. Don’t put your pumpkins behind the church or indoors.
  • Access to your Pumpkins: The Pumpkin Patch needs to be in a place that allows easy access for your customers. An entrance from the street and parking need to be available.
  • A Motivated Group of Volunteers: A project coordinator from your organization plans and coordinates the patch management. But this is not a solo project. You need a group of motivated and enthusiastic volunteers to share the responsibilities.


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